An Illustration for Sting’s ‘I Hung My Head’

I discovered this song much later after its release in 1996, though many people think it is written by Johnny Cash but no, it actually sound one of his songs, in fact when I checked it in wiki, it freaked me out that Sting had. Cash version is good but I liked Bruce Springsteen’s version, particularly the one he performed for Sting at Kennedy Center.

Here is the theme of the song (from wiki)

The story is told from the point of view of a young man who takes his brother’s rifle out onto the hill one morning. As a rider crosses the plain, the singer takes aim (“I drew a bead on him; to practice my aim.”) The rifle goes off in his hands, killing the rider.

The man runs to the salt lands, throwing the rifle into a stream. (The Cash cover changes “salt lands” to “south lands”, and “stream” to “sheen”. Sting supposed the latter was due to a misprint in the lyrics Cash was using.[1]) He is discovered by a sheriff, and is struck by the realization of what he has done.

He is brought before a judge and jury, where he begs forgiveness and wishes he was dead. Awaiting execution on the gallows, he sees as a “trick of the brain” the rider return, so that they will ride together “till kingdom come”. The man prays to God for mercy.

I made this sketch after listening to the song not much in detail, so there is an error it, I should have put the gallows on the hill and placed that fellow in the plain… anyway, this is one of my favorite country song.

This is my favorite version

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