My Boys

Yes, they do look like twins to many, almost same height, but Aadhavan  (Daadu) who is in yellow two years older to Ananthan (Monu).

Daadu is good in football and cricket, played for his house team for the last 2 years. This year he was selected for the under 12 school team for football. And his team got a gold in the ‘Bishop’s Invitation cup’, won the school tournament. He was a star in one of the cricket inter-house matches for rescuing and finishing the game. Also, he is a good athlete, last few years he ran 100 and 200 mtrs., but did not make it to the finals. Finally, this year he made it in the finals and ran the 200 mtrs with fever and cold, collapsed near the finishing line, but in the 4X100 relay, he managed to get the bronze.

I think Monu is a naturally talented cricketer, he is a righty, but bowls/bats with his left hand. Somehow he was not lucky to get selected, I am sure he will play for the school in the future. He is a die-hard fan of the Srilankan cricketer Malinga. For the last 2 years he has been learning to play the violin; plays quite well now. Also he is good in drawing.

I digitally painted this picture from the photograph that I clicked during one of the matches at school.


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