Blind Spot (Beggars)

Some beggars are there in India for generations, and continue their family tradition of begging, they even have sizable wealth, which they accumulate by “employing” other, newer beggars.

Christianity: Rich are encouraged to give to the poor.
Hinduism: In many Hindu traditions begging is encouraged.
Buddhism: Monks and nuns traditionally live by begging for alms.
There are online beggars too.

Secular Country ( INDIA)

See.. no secular country like america, canada, australia, Uk, france, germany,italy, japan etc etc. have separate laws for any religion.
but why
India have all separate laws for every religion?
I feel, we should be following only one law that is Indian law, isn’t it?

Blind Spot ( toilets )

In the west you are fined if you do the job in the public places, here in India you pay to enter the public toilets and not fined otherwise.

Here we go…
India and the toilet have a long and proud history. The earliest example of a flush toilet dates back to Indus Valley Civilisation (3300–1700 BCE) where every house had a flush toilet connected to a complicated city-wide sewage works.

Terrorism and Global warming

Global warming poses a greater long-term threat to humanity than terrorism because it could force hundreds of millions from their homes and trigger an economic catastrophe.

I feel greedy countries (governments) should act on these issues.

made me smile

Nice cartoon isn’t it?

Rat is one of the favorite animal for cartoonists around the world. I used this cute fellows in some of my cartoons and illustrations, but never comfortable in drawing cats, monkeys, insects and rats too.
Here I don’t have any idea about the creator of this cartoon.

Talking – Drinking – Surfing – Driving

Study that was published a few days ago gives scientific explanation about dangers of talking and driving and reports that this habit may be even more dangerous than drinking and driving.

How about this news..
Unveiled this week in the new BMW X6, the system allows drivers to surf while driving, in a window built into the dashboard.
Drivers can access the net by manipulating a joystick located next to the driver’s seat, which controls a cursor on the dashboard display. Known as the iDrive controller, the stick operates similarly to a mouse. By pressing the controller, the user may select links or items in the menu.
This is the traffic cop’s uniform in the state where I live.

Over the Rainbow

My five year old son always fascinated by drawing and talking about rainbows. Today around 7.30 in the morning he saw rainbow for the first time in his life, excitement on his face was undescribable and he asked me to take him closer to the rainbow where it begins…
I remember Judy Garland‘s signature song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in the movie of The Wizard of Oz.
… …

Somewhere over the rainbow
Blue birds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then oh why can’t I?

If happy little blue birds fly beyond the rainbow
Why oh why can’t I?


BLIND SPOT ( bird flue )

I think, chickens should thank mankind for breeding and eating them over million years. Otherwise they would have got vanished from this planet.

This is one of the cartoon I made for TOI during bird flue season.

The Bank Job

Oh! Yea.. my wife and kids are in madras for summer vacation, last one month I enjoyed many evenings with my friends and lots of booze , got to see some good movies.
The Bank Job what a movie, this film gets it all right. The acting is top class, the story is not only engaging and clever but TRUE!, I’ve never heard or seen Jason Statham and Saffron Burrows, first time I am seeing them. Hey.. This is the same director who directed The world’s fastest Indian.

Blind Spot ( Fuel price)

I made pocket cartoons for Times of India (Pune) every monday under the title of Blind Spot.
this one is about one of those fuel price hike happens every now and then in India and I used one of my favorite animal Donkey.
I am planning to make a series of cartoons on Donkey very soon.